Film Making & All about the Most Watched Genres


Entertainment Industry

Economics of Entertainment Industry

Someone once said, ‘Entertainment is necessary.’ Since then, we have been wondering about why? Why is Entertainment necessary? We recommend you look up the stats and economics of entertainment industry as a whole. So have you seen the sources and their outcomes? Exactly, we were shocked too. It has been noted by the latest 2019 stats of economics of the Media and Entertainment industry in the United States, the annual revenues and receipts have gone more than $900 Billion.

Growth in Entertainment Industry

Entertainment industry is one of the most flourishing industry worldwide in this era. It goes hand in hand in with a lot of other industries such as technology and media. The industry focuses on the activities that grasp the public attention and provide something to watch or listen or enjoy. Entertainment gives an immense level of pleasure and thrill to the audience.

The Entertainment Umbrella

Entertainment can be versatile. It is found in the form of music, movies, seasons, dramas, theatre, reality shows, sports and much, much more. It includes a variety of cultural, folk and morning or evening or night time shows. Well, in this era of globalization and technology, every country has its own entertainment industry and they produce their own shows. These customized entertainment has widen the viewership on the basis of liking, cultures, demands, language, geographical reasons and a lot more.

Film Making also known as Movies or Cinema Industry

When we talk about in house entertainment, the first idea we get is to watch a movie or go out to the cinema. Usually we name it as Film, which is also called movie or motion picture. Movies are also a kind of communication medium. Yes, it is a medium used to communicate ideas, experiences, art, stories, perceptions, feelings, beauty or atmosphere and a lot by making the viewers go through a live experience.

History and Definition of Film Making


The film industry was laid the foundations of by the end of 19th century. Most commonly it is dated back in 1880s. If we consider the tradition times, there were the days when the movies were recorded through a photochemical process onto the celluloid film. After that the movie was through a movie projector onto a white surfaced large screen.


Movies or films are a phenomenon of recording or programming a series of images in an orderly manner to show a moving impact to the audience. It generates the sensory stimulations within in the audience. The origin of the word ‘cinema’ is ‘cinematography’. It is commonly used in place of ‘film making’ and also for the ‘film industry’.

Evolution of Film Making and Movies Today:

19th Century

Movies in the history were black and white and the film making was one hell of a task. As the 19th century ended, a new wave movement was launched. It included a range of new wave union ship such as: French New WaveIndian New WaveJapanese New Wave, and New Hollywood.

20th Century

The film school were establishing is the second half of the 20th century. The ride of filming as an education gave birth to numerous independent filmmakers who contributed to the changes in the industry. This era occupied the complete 2nd half of the 20th century.

Late 90s and 21st Century

Since the late 90s and the start of 21st century so far, an advent of the exemplary Digital technology happened. The sudden shift in the film industry and film making occurred as the digital technology was launched in the 90s. It has been the driving force to the film making revolution.

Present Day Film Making

Today, the times have gotten more advanced technologically with the Digital 3D projection. The largely implemented technology with latest demand for 3D, it has become popular in the early 2010s by replacing the previous problems identifying 3D film systems.

Movie Genres and the Ones that are Most Watched by the Viewers Today


Genre is I guess the most wrongly pronounced word in the world from history till day. However, the word is actually very simple in its meaning.

Definition of Genre

The term ‘Genre’ is quite easy and it means ‘any category of literature’. Usually the word genre is used when we have to say for any category of the forms of art or entertainment or literature.

Genres can be of the movies, music, whether or audio visuals based up on their stylistic criteria. Conventions change over time as per the new genres are formed. Thus, with the invention of the new genres, the use of old ones is discontinued.

Most Popular and Most Liked Movie Genres in the World Today

Genre is usually considered as a style. The style can be of literature, art or music. Genre is the ultimate term to be used for the description of categories. Speaking of movies, there is a plenty of categories of the movies. It would definitely be very hard to tell which ones are most liked or most watched or most popular among all.

As it is impossible to discuss all of them in one go, let us discuss a few out of the numerous genres out casted specifically for the movies alone.

1.      Action

Action is one of the most popular genres of the movies and cinema industry these days. An action movie or a story is said to be full of action when it is full of adventure. Usually the main character or the hero is very, very heroic. The protagonist is famous and loved for his high adrenaline turns and dangerous fight scenes.

A film full of stuntman ship and risky desperate situations is said to be a full package action film. An action movie generally includes explosions, fight scenes, daring escapes and a lot of crime and drama altogether. Adventure and action mostly go hand in hand and are often names ‘action-adventure’. Both are also same and have been given similar content, thus are considered together. Most famous among all the action is the legendary ‘James Bond’.

The heroes are explicitly expected to perform challenging physical feats, long fights and death chasing stunts involved with frenetic chases. Considering both history and current trends, the actions movies have a number of fan following and an explicitly growing demand. The commercial appeal and box offices remain booked for days with the release of any action movie.

2.      Drama

Drama is a genre narrative fiction, another most important semi fiction genre to be said correctly. This genres struggles with an intention to be more serious than being humorous. It focuses on the in depth development of the characters to be realistic with their characters and also with the realistic approach with emotions.

A drama movie or drama film should be totally opposite from comedy. However, in a few Hollywood and Bollywood movies, they have tried to collect the two. Also, it is considered to be different from the other genres like fantasy.

Drama is on the top in the list of broadest genres of the cinema. It includes a list of subgenres under its umbrella. Some of the subgenres are these:

  1. Romantic Drama
  2. Period Drama
  3. Courtroom Drama
  4. Crime Drama
  5. Military Drama
  6. Legal Drama
  7. Horror Drama
  8. Adventure Drama

Drama movies are usually focusing on heavy emotions and making the viewers go through a height of sentimental feel. Sometimes but not every time, drama movies have tragic or at least painful resolutions or endings. The hero or the main characters have to go through some survival and tragic crisis to retain the emotional drilling approach.

3.      Comedy

Comedy is another most liked genre of the public and viewers in today’s era. Be it family or couples or kids, the comedy shows and films suit for all kinds of audience. People prefer watching this genre for the main purpose is to get amused and a long lasting idea of laughter.

A sense of humor is found in the absurd acts of human behaviors. These preposterous acts are a great deal of laughter for the viewers and audience. The viewers usually feel good by such ridiculed acts of the characters and representation of the foibles of the characters in the movies.

There is a type of comedy movies which addresses the problems and painful aspects of life. However, such sentimental scenes are covered with the comedy and laughter. Even if a comedy disturbs the audience’s feelings, the primary goal is to spread a sense of humor.

There is a range of subgenres of comedy as well. How about knowing some? Let me enlist them as further:

  1. Parody
  2. Romantic Comedy
  3. Comic Fantasy
  4. Black Comedy
  5. Horror Comedy

4.      Horror

This genre is one of its kind. Its viewership is fixed and a specific class of audience love watching horror movies. Horror films are made with the purpose to thrill the audience, frighten or shock them.  Through the means of the fantastic, macabre or supernatural acts of the characters in the movies, the audience is usually left thrilled and amazed.

Usually it is said that this genre is considered to be overlapping with science and fiction. This the only genre which has changed over the time so much. The meaning of the horror movies has changed verily from decade to decade on a vast range. Long times ago, what we used to call horror is now more famous as crime, thriller or mystery. Horror movie genre has evolved on a large scale.

5.      Romance

The term ‘romance’ is referred to for different meanings. Most of the people say the term for ‘love stories. People in the old times think of romance based movies as old tales of fictitious narratives of prose and verse. Mostly, today, it is considered as a love story or more likely to be an emotion driver tale. Such movies are primarily focusing on the relationship between the main top notch characters of the story.

Usually, such films awaken the love sentiments within the audience and the start to establish a feeling of relativity with the characters. They find themselves having a thing in them for the characters. Also, the audience always expect a very happy endings to such endings. Most of the times, the endings contain the ‘happily married’ signs too.

Such movies mostly show a relationship between two individuals who have to fight against the odds to be together. They try to find ways to be liked by everybody else in the movies. Ever find multiple ways of escape. Usually the plot in such movies is to play right and earn the eternity. ‘Happily living ever after’ is the pin point of the audience’s demand for the romantic movies.

6.      Science Fiction

One of the broadest and most awaited genre of the film industry is what you are reading about. Yes, it is science fiction. Speaking of the present day era, the youth and the kinds of the day are crazy about the sci-fi or science fiction genre movies.

This is the only genre of all the other ones that focuses widely upon the technology, futurism, space time stuff and also a touch of speculative fiction. In the early days, about 1950s, of science fiction movies, most of the movies were based on man discovering about earth and exploring new things as the ages have passed. Science fiction films in fifties mostly focused on the invasion by aliens of earth and also on the broad concepts of mutation.

As the times passed, the movies based on science and fiction improved and there was emerging era of space travel and space time concepts within the films. These were the concepts developing in the late 60s and 70s. They focused more and more on the space travels because people in real were making wonderful discoveries regarding science and space.\

Time passed and as the science kept of making developments, the film industry also kept flourishing in the science fiction genre. By the time of 1980s, the focus of science fiction shifted towards the ecological concepts and nuclear disasters. It also moved towards governmental reforms and brutal barbarianism.

Today, fiction is found less. However, science is being found more within the movies playing hand in hand with the technology and its new findings. The two genres i.e. science and fiction are better found separately.