Most Horrifying and Thrilling Hollywood Movies

Most Horrifying and Thrilling Hollywood Movies

Most Horrifying and Thrilling Hollywood Movies

We often talk about movies and how they get to the box office. However, there is always a specific class of viewers for every genre separately. Action lovers cannot watch romance or comedy. Similarly, comedy lovers try not to go for science fiction. Discussing the genres and their viewership, people tend to shift the genres as for the experimentation.But to watch Most Horrifying and Thrilling Hollywood Movies is another experience.

Most of the times, viewership overlaps two to three genres in general. This is not even surprising as Most Horrifying and Thrilling Hollywood Movies and content being showed in the movies these days is even more than extra ordinary.

Most Horrifying and Thrilling Hollywood Movies

Horror Film

A horror movie is considered to be thrilling screenplay filled with mystery and a bit of drama to evoke the feelings of fear and terror within the viewers. Viewers also keep on watching this genre for the entertainment and fun purposes.

The characters being focused in such films are mostly these:

  1. Evil witches
  2. Evil clowns
  3. Demons
  4. Satanic People
  5. Psychopaths
  6. Serial killers
  7. Vampires
  8. Zombies etc.

The plots and the sub genres of the horror movies have been constantly changing since the start. In the start, it more focused on the mystery whereas, no it is more focusing on the thrill, theme, expression and storyline.

Most Watched and Liked Horror Movies of the Decade

We understand that you are adrenaline junkies and all you need is more of mystery and terror. You are also covered in this case too. We will be enlisting a few names of the last decade most popular horror movies. So in case if you have missed any, you should for it and watch it as soon as possible.

1.      Midsommar

With a rating of about 7.6 on 10 at IMDB and merely similar on the other platforms as well. The movie has been released recently as literally got stuck to the box office for a while. It portrays a family going to spend holidays in a down town village area of Sweden. Later, there happens what happens there.

The director of the folk horror movie, Midsommar, is Ari Aster and he kept quite talented but new people to be in the casting crew. The movie cast was starring Florence Pugh accompanying Jack Reynor and also William Jackson Harper.

The movie was filmed in the Budapest, Hungary also grossed a revenue of about $31.7 million worldwide. It was also released in June and July, 2019 in different regions of the world respectively.

2.      Annabelle

‘Annabelle’, as American Horror movie was released back in 2014 by the directors of The Conjuring. After the epic box office response back in 2013 on the release of The Conjuring, the directors must have decided to give out another horror pill the viewers. The cast of the movie also stars Ward Horton accompanying Annabelle Wallis along with Alfre Woodard and the director was John R. Leonetti.

With a run time of around 99 minutes, the movie was released by Walter Bros in October 2014. Annabelle grossed a revenue of $237 million against a production budget cost $6.5 million which is quite splendid.

Also, the movie was such a big hit that its prequel was also watched and awed worldwide which was named as ‘Annabelle: Creation’ and it was released on August 11, 2017. After that, another sequel is launched and released lately on June 26, 2019 which is also a big hit and audience are giving lovely mixed responses so far on it.

3.      The Conjuring

With a 7.5 on 10 rating over IMDB, 9.7 on 10 over iflix and 85% positive responses over the Rotten Tomatoes, presenting The Conjuring to our lovely readers. Proudly directed by James Wan and written by Chad Hayes and Carey W. Hayes, The Conjuring ruled over the box office for about 6 months constantly.

The movie was released back in 2013 by Warner Bros. on July 19 in United States and also in Canada. With a run time of 1 hour and 12 minutes; the movie had a budget of $20 million. However, it grossed a revenue over $319 million and is successful till the day.

As the film was a big success, the directors and production team released it prequel right away named ‘Annabelle’ back in 2014. Since then, the sequel of the movie was released on June 10, 2016 as The Conjuring 2. Also a prequel and a sequel of Annabelle movie has been released as well. Also, there have been a lot of news and forums saying that another sequel of The Conjuring is currently in the filming stage.

4.      Train to Busan

Train to Busan is a South Korean action film with some shots of thrill and zombie apocalypse as well. It was premiered on May 13, 2016 in one of the premier midnights at Cannes Film Festival. The movie is directed by Yeon Sang-Ho.

The film hit the box office for a while and it was the first Korean movie to have hit the largest number of theatre-goers for the movie shows. The budget production cost of the film was $8.5 million. However, it reached a gross revenue of more than $90 million. The sequel of the movie is also planned and is in the filming phase right now as per the news updates.


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