Most Popular Netflix Movies of 2020

Most Popular Netflix Movies of 2020

Most Popular Netflix Movies of 2020

With the headquarters in Los Gatos in California, Netflix was established in 1997. The owners of the company are Reed Hastings and Morgan Stanley. Netflix is a media production and Service Provider Company with a stock price of about US$310 per share. Here are the Most Popular Netflix Movies of 2020.

It is among one of the largest internet revenue generating companies. With the high revenue generating tactics, the company has gotten a range of other companies who are planning to become a direct competitor.

Recently, Disney has been found giving out the news that it might launch Disney+, HULU or ESPN+ in the similar packages as the Netflix is giving. However, Netflix has a big market share all around the globe. It is hard to say yet if the market will go down or keep on rising as it is now.

Most Popular Netflix Movies of 2020

Netflixing Made Easy For You!

Is it a long weekend? Are you planning on having a good time with your date? Or are you dealing with a lonely Friday or Saturday night? Or maybe you should have a day or at least some time all by yourself? Now you must be thinking that yes, you need this all. But at the end, the question remains at what you would do even if you have this all in your list, then think about Most Popular Netflix Movies of 2020.

Oh yes, you must know, you have all the power when you have a Netflix account. You can stay in your PJs and enjoy your time. Oh wait, what? You are not sure about what to choose from the thousands of the movies they have on Netflix?

Actually, we understand that according to your search history and interests, it is quite hard to search in a broad way. Also, Netflix seems to have been giving you a limited collection to choose from which is not right. Well, this time we have covered with a collection of popular movies on Netflix so you don’t have to browse, just search and go on watching!

1.     Secret Obsession

It is certainly a good watch. The movie is about a lady who suffered after the trauma and deadly attack. She wakes up amnesia and what she find is that her husband takes good care of her. Life goes on well but she later on realizes that the danger still is there.

The movie is full of drama and is a psychological thriller starring Dennis Haysbert, Mike Vogel along with Brenda Song. The movie is certainly full of suspense and has been released recently that is on July 18, 2019. You would like watching it as the directorship as well as the screenplay both is done by Peter Sullivan.

2.    Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery is also a recent release and it offers a great deal of thrill and laughter. This movie is an American comedy starring the super diva Jennifer Anniston accompanying her super adored coworker Adam Sandler and also Luke Evans. It was released on June 14, 2019 and was directed by Kyle Newacheck.

Murder Mystery is a laughter filled comedy movie along with the crime and thriller shots. The story is about a cop from New York who goes on a vacation with his wife to Europe. They plan for a great vacation and also to give some spark to their marriage.

There comes a point when it becomes a possibility that they might be charged against a murder of an old billionaire guy. So, yeah the movie is a good laugh and certainly useful hack for time.

3.      Polar

Polar is a movie with a run time of about two hours and is a full dose of action and drama. This movie has been liked worldwide with about 7 on 10 rating on IMDB. It is also a recently released film directed by Jonas Akerlund and the release date was January 25, 2019 initially in Nigeria.

Polar is a novel based film, the novel was written by Victor Santos. The music was done by the most ecstatic Deadmau5 and the movie was shot both in Germany and USA. Another key seller of the movie is its cast which stars the ever loved Vanessa Hudgens accompanying Mads Mikkelsen.

The story focuses over an employee who was considered as a liability from his employer company. The guy was considered the world’s best assassin and due to the reason of being the liability, he settled into his retirement. But with a sudden invasion of some army young guys who wanted him to be silenced, he found himself being in the game again even it was not his choice.

4.      Otherhood

With a 6 plus rating out of 10 from IMDB, Otherhood is another famous movie on Netflix. It is a hard core comedy with a run time of about 1 hour and 40 minutes. It has been very recent movie and was released on August 2, 2019.

The super talented director Cindy Chupack has given his best shot in directing a super funny and light film. It is a story about three middle aged mothers who feel forgotten and alone on a Mother’s Day. What they decide is something refreshing and confronting. The three best friends start with a road trip journey to the New York City from the suburbs to see their kids who are busy with their adult lives.

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