Must Watch Animated Movies of All Times

Must Watch Animated Movies of All Times

Must Watch Animated Movies of All Times

Talking about kids, they are demanding and needy of love. But more than that, they want to be entertained and amazed. So if you planning to give your kids time and just that. Don’t, because you need to do more. Get them to the cinemas and Must Watch Animated Movies of All Times with them. It is not for them only, but for you too, for all ages I bet.

You won’t feel any less entertained ever if you plan an animated film. It always less of drama and more of a sweeter way to keep you light and give a lesson. So why don’t give yourself a treat too? Animated movies are always the best to watch and generally are more entertaining, say for The Lion King from our old childhood days.

Must Watch Animated Movies of All Times

Entertainment and Kids

Kids, young adults, adults and even middle aged people, these days, are found watching animated movies. They are even found waiting for these animated movies desperately. Of course, there is no reason there not to be waiting for such happy movies, everyone should Watch Animated Movies of All Times.

Let us discuss about a few of them which had been carrying the label of ‘Must Watch Animated Movies of All Times’ since long:

1.      Moana

Moana was initially released in USA in November in 2016. It was directed by Ron Clements along with John Musker collectively with a production cost budget ranging in between $150 to $ 175 million. However, it reached the box office and boom! It made a right away worldwide revenue of about 645 million US dollars.

With a 96% positive review response or various sites and more than 7.6 out of 10 rating from the IMDb, Moana released and ruled the internet indeed. The story is about a young adventurous girl who plans to save the world and certainly her people. So, she starts on a sailing journey. She finds someone who would guide her in finding the directions and they start sailing together.

Together, they faced an adventurous voyage fully packed with action. During the whole journey, she got successful in her mission that was finding her people who were her ancestors. Also, one more treasure she found, her own self!

2.      The Lion King (1994)

The original lion king was released back in 1994 and it was a fun filled emotional, drama and music movie all along. Yes, it would not be wrong saying that it was the complete package. Also, it was the only animated movie we remember from our early childhood days. What lovely, epic days!

The movie got more than 8.5 out of 10 ratings on the IMDb, more than 95% positive reviews and responses all over the various internet sites. The one and half hour duration of the movie would surely take you through a complete journey. The film is an emotion filled journey through the jungle world. It is full of family values and a father son epic relation. I hope we all share going through the same nostalgia while talking about the movie. Let’s watch it again, what say? Oh, it made a comeback with a new version which happens to have splendid graphics.

3.      Madagascar Series

Madagascar series is an animated computer franchise co owned by Tom McGrath and Eric Darnell since quite a long time. Yes, the Madagascar franchise of the extremely entertaining animated series was established long ago and released the first movie Madagascar in 2005.

Since after the epic response on the release of their picture, Madagascar franchise released its sequel as Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa later in 2008. Another sequel was released in 2012 named as Madagascar: Europe’s Most Wanted and then another in 2014 which was released under the title of Penguins of Madagascar.

The first movie starred the famous Ross guy from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. who is David Schwimmer and was given the role of the giraffe. Every other part was box office mega hit with a revenue ranging from $550 million to then $600 million and reaching up to the $750 million.

4.      Aladdin

Aladdin is another computer animated movie series. The franchise is owned by Walt Disney Animation Studios along with Ron Clements and John Musker. It has been releasing epic animated movies since 1992 based on the ever famous folk stories of Aladdin and its Jinnee.

The franchise has released its first animated movie back in 1992, then a comeback every year in 1993 and 1994 as well. After that, there was a two year gap and next animation masterpiece was released in 1996. Disney had released another epic comeback movie with mixed animation named as Aladdin starring the legendary Will Smith.

From the cast starring the legendary Robin Williams back in 1992 till the casting of another legend Will Smith in 2019, Disney animated studios has done an appreciated job. We were literally hone through a journey since 1992 till 2019 with the Aladdin franchise releases. Also, it has crossed a collectively generated revenue for all the series till day over $2 billion.


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