Space Travel Hollywood Movies of All Times

Space Travel Hollywood Movies of All Times

Space Travel Hollywood Movies of All Times

As we know that there is a lot to be found and explored within earth as well as outside it. Believe it or not, there is a lot more to explore and find outside of the earth’s premises. Space or often known as ‘outer space’, is whatever is above the atmospheric layer above the earth’s surface. To get better picture watch Space Travel Hollywood Movies of All Times.

Space Travel Hollywood Movies of All Times

Evolution of Space Travels

Since the early years of 20th century; scientists, geologists, astronauts and even engineers have been trying to find ways to make something that could take them to space. Space machines were being designed and made by the engineers and scientists since then. They have been planning the space travels long ago.

After 1950s, they had the thought of having their preparations complete, so they decided to start on with their space travel adventures. However, till day, a lot of their missions have failed, been successful, found them new wonders.

These travels of the scientists, mainly from USA or Russia, have given them a new directions to think in. The present day is focusing on finding any kind of alien or human or even animals or microbes’ life on any of the planets or galaxies out there is space. All this pictured in Space Travel Hollywood Movies of All Times.

All Time Famous Space Travel Movies of Hollywood

Speaking of space explorations and adventures, these space travels tell a lot about the findings that have been doing in the space. As we told you that most of the focus of the space travels today is to find the signs of any kind of life on any of the planet or star present in space or in the whole universe except for earth.

Well, directors and producers find the amazing science and its invention, explorations and space travels as the key seller. Thus, the idea of making entertainment films and informative documentary movies took birth and flourished since mid-years of 20th century.

Let us enlist and discuss a few space travel movies made by Hollywood. These movies were top rated in their release times and had left us with either surprise or a hell lot of information.

1.      Destination Moon

Destination Moon is the first airspace and space travel movie and a lot of people have talked about it before and after its release and even till day. Released in 1950, the movie was a super big hit. It was literally a sensation of its own when it got released. If you are a space and science enthusiast, we would recommend you to watch the movie to at least get to know where this all started.

It was a science fiction movie back then which was mostly categorized as space exploratory film and  American Technicolor movie. The movie also had chunks of drama and thrill as well. The movie was based on the novel Rocket Ship Galileo which was published in 1947. The novel was so dramatic and ironic, the director Irving Pichel and the producer George Pal couldn’t wait to make the film.

2.      Armageddon

Armageddon was the best seller and indeed a masterpiece which was released back in 1998. The word ‘Armageddon’ has its meaning found from Greek books where it means ‘a mountain or hill range’. This was the idea of something new and the director Michael Bay came up with the same idea.

The movie was a record breaking success on the international box office as well. The main character was Bruce Willis and the movie a combination of science, adventure, drama and a bit of romance as well. The film is a whole package and must be watched.

The film was made on the concept of sending a team of blue collar drillers in deep core who had to go up there in space and stop the earth and asteroid collision. The plot was where the space machine got attacked by the meteor shower. The thrill was in the idea of how the team made it successful getting out of the chaos situation and made their way back to earth.

3.      Star Trek Movie Series

Star Trek is a media house franchise in the America which makes random science fiction series. The media production also came up with around 13 movies coming back to back after every two to three years. All these movies have a main focus over science explorations and space travels.

The first Star Trek movie was released back in 1979 and named as Star Trek: The Motion Pictures. Since then, twelve more movies have been released and thirteenth is in making these days. The last release was Star Trek Beyond and was released in 2016.

All the Star Trek movies and even series are the big, giant hits of their time. The movies offer shots of science, thrill, adventure and a great deal of fiction as well. There is a number of audience and viewers who desperately wait for the upcoming Star Trek movie.

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