Upcoming Best Pakistani Top Movies

Upcoming Best Pakistani Top Movies

Upcoming Best Pakistani Top Movies

Pakistani cinema industry has been on a break for so long. However, it made a comeback about a decade ago and coming up with more exciting drama stories and epic laugh punch comedies. Pakistani cinema covers all the genres be it social issues, war stories, army man ship, comedy, drama and thriller as well.Upcoming best Pakistani top movies are helping Pakistani cinema industry.

Pakistani film industry was initially based on Lahore and initially it spread from there being the largest film industry representing the whole nation. Thus, the names Lahore and Hollywood when combined, gave out the name Lollywood for the whole Pakistani cinema.

Pakistani cinema is based in the two biggest and the most metropolitan cities if Pakistan that are Karachi and Lahore. Both cities are home to one of the biggest cinema homes and film studios. The industry as the whole started declining back in late 70s till early years of 21st century. But it has started flourishing again with the efforts of the industry men.

Upcoming Best Pakistani Top Movies

History of Pakistani Cinema

The Pakistani film industry flourished explicitly back in the early years after the state’s freedom. There are almost above 10000 movies in Urdu that have been released till day after 1948. Also, the numbers are similar when we talk about Pashto movies, Sindhi and also the Punjabi movies which is 6000, 2000 and 8000 movies respectively.

Producers of Driver of Pakistani Cinema

The major industry drivers are a few names of the producing studios that have played there major and much needed part in the revival of the Pakistani cinema industry. The names are:

  • ARY Films
  • GEO Films
  • Hum Films
  • Urdu 1 Pictures

Upcoming Best Pakistani Top Movies in Later Part of the Year 2020

The Pakistani audience and viewers are a tasteful bunch of individuals. They love entertainment and watched movies since very long. The generation X and generation Y individuals, if you consider within Pakistan, they have been watching Hollywood and Bollywood all their lives till early years of the 21st century until the Pakistani cinema industry made a solid comeback.

As per seeing the cinema stats within Pakistan, it was to be said with absolutely no doubt that Pakistan needed this revival of the film industry. From the ages ago when industry had big names like Waheed Murad, Nadeem Baig and Noor Jahan till now when we have Mahira Khan, Saba Qamar and Humayoun Saeed kind of legends. Pakistani cinema has indeed made an epic comeback.

Let us see which movies are in the filming phase in the Pakistani cinema and at what dates we all have to mark our calendars so we do not miss them by any chance:

1.      Upcoming best Pakistani top movie Durj

Durj is a Pakistani thriller movie which is going to be released very soon in October, 2019. Most probably the exact date is going to be October 11th. The Urdu movie is directed by the super talented Shamoon Abbasi and is produced by none other than Sherry Shah under the banner of the studio i.e. Shaam Films Production. The initial release will be done in Canada.

Durj is going to bring a lot of thrill along with mystery plots and of course a lot of drama. It is another film being shot to highlight the social issues in Pakistan. There are security concerns to every individual within Pakistan that there are crimes happening in Pakistan on a large scale. Such crimes involve theft, rape and kidnapping on a large scale. The movie portrays the same storyline that a wife is finding her kidnapped husband.

The cast stars popular PTV actress Maira Khan costarring Shamoon Abbasi along with Nouman Javaid. Everything about the movie sounds interesting, I think we should give it a chance watching.

2.      Kaaf Kangana

Directorship and the screenplay by the legendary Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar and distribution done by the ARY Films, the upcoming movie Kaaf Kangana is expected to be a big hit. The movie stars Sami Khan costarring Eshal Fayyaz and the beautiful Ayesha Omer.

Kaaf Kangana is expected to be a light romantic movie yet filled with a lot of drama as well. The main songs are also one of the hype for the movie. The singers are very popular and loved worldwide and they are: the electrifying Aima Baig, the soothing Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan and also the all-time Sufi singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

The movie is expected to release on October 25th, 2019 so guys, do nothing but mark your calendars because the date is not that far.

3.      The Evil Marriage

The Evil Marriage is written and directed by Rana Abrar and is going to be Pakistan’s newest action and fantasy mix movie. The movie is expected to release in November in 2019 and was produced by WBJ Movies along with the Messenger2050.

The movie plot carries fantasy along with action as we discussed before. It starts with dramatic and mystery music with a bit of haunting flavor, this creates the audience interest on another level. The movie is the quest in between a girl and an Evil King. Movie was shot partially in Turkey, Malaysia and Pakistan and languages are going to be Urdu and Malay.

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